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Brides who NEED the Gown Whisperer!

Who Can Benefit from The Gown Whisperers’ Services?

BRIDES WHO Need The Gown Whisperer…. Snow White wishes she had us!

Your wedding gown is the one element of your wedding that is completely yours. As The Gown Whisperer, I’m your advocate, I’m there to make your wedding dress shopping easy, fun, and to ensure YOUR voice is heard! I embrace your individuality and celebrate it! It’s ok to be different and to not be like everyone else.

So, WHO should work with The Gown Whisperer? What types of brides should consider working with The Gown Whisperer? The answer is: any bride looking for her wedding gown! I've put together a list of the types of brides who will benefit from saving time, money, and peace of mind, which category do YOU fall into?

Bashful Brides to be...

Like many women, we all have things we wish we could change and hopefully, we learn to embrace those parts of us, but even then, we still play up our strengths when styling and dressing ourselves and with wedding gowns, this can be a bit trickier. For one, you most likely haven't worn a dress that’s of the same caliber as a wedding gown, therefore, even the bride who knows exactly how to dress for her body type can be caught off guard by the materials, styles, embellishments, and options. Plus, many times brides want to step out of the box and not choose the style that is reminiscent of their everyday “style”.

This bride or client may have some styling needs that are personal and they want to work around. Whether you are shorter than average, taller than average, have a decolletage you’ve envisioned, yet you know your chest may under or overwhelm, a mid section you want to hide, or find a dress that is sleeveless while still being comfortable with your arms showing, The Gown Whisperer can assist.

Busy Brides to be...

Between a full time job, school, a side hustle and squeezing in time with friends, an oil change, and a million other chores, this bride just doesn’t have the time nor does she want to spend the little free time she does have looking at dozens of dresses, driving to multiple bridal salons throughout Central FL. Let me save you the disappointment and emotional distress of going from store to store empty handed.

The Gown Whisperer saves you time! Sure, trying on dresses can be fun, but not when you have so many other things you could get to and believe us, even with a wedding planner, there’s just MORE on your plate when you’re engaged and getting ready for the most special day of your lives. Plus, WE will have FUN! We have a blast finding your dress because there's NO stress! Brides who need the Gown Whisperer simply need to find their wedding gown!

The Gown Whisperer is great for shy, overwhelmed, destination, body conscious, and busy brides.
Brides who need The Gown Whisperer: ALL brides who haven't found their wedding dress can benefit from working with The Gown Whisperer.

Overwhelmed Brides to be ...

This bride to be is dealing with one too many opinions and needs to drown out the noise. This bride can’t figure out what she wants and likes because her entourage overpowers her every thought!

The Gown Whisperer is a fantastic buffer, let me step in and take over. We will still allow your agreed upon entourage (click here to learn more about the process!) to choose a dress each for you to try on, with the technique and the process I use, I can pretty much guarantee we will find your dress (say yes to the dress)! Let me advocate for YOU, I will never out you in what “I” want to see you in. Every part of this process and the end result is for YOU and only YOU can convey what that is during our time together.

Destination Brides to be....

This is the bride who is getting married in Central FL or simply traveling to Central FL to FIND her wedding dress! Regardless if you are a destination bride to FL or you’re planning a special trip to Central FL for your perfect wedding gown, The Gown Whisperer can save you time AND I work with THE BEST bridal salons in Central FL. However, don't forget: I work with these salons and NOT for them. I will take you to the salon(s) that make sense for what it is YOU are looking for.

With the technique and the process I use, I can pretty much assure you, I will find your dress! We can customize any package for brides outside of Central FL

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