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The Wedding Gown Whisperer Process...Find The Wedding Gown of Your Dreams!

Wedding Gown Whisperer… let me find the wedding gown of your dreams!

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement (or perhaps it’s your anniversary, or another significant occasion in your life!), whatever the reason, I’m here to find the gown of your dreams!

Photography by Josie Brooks Photography

1st Step to find the wedding gown of your dreams!

The first step to find the wedding gown of your dreams is to fill out the Gown Whisperer inquiry form, which you can find here. This form allows me to begin gathering the necessary info to find your perfect dress! I will ask you a series of questions relating to the vision you have for your dress! I will also ask you to send me several inspiration wedding dress photos (bring on the photos, I LOVE your inspo details & media).

2nd Step:

Upon receiving your inspiration pictures, we will actually have a conversation where I will review and ask you a series of questions, including your price point and body style.

3rd Step This next step is where I begin my behind the scenes homework with designers and dress styles. This will tell me which bridal salons have the gowns closest to your vision. I will then reach out to the bridal salon to book your appointment, which will accommodate your schedule.

4th Step

We will meet at the bridal salon I’ve booked your appointment with and we will take a couple hours at that bridal salon for you to begin trying gowns I’ve already picked and set aside for you. Should you have friends or family members with you, they too can choose a dress each for you to try on. The final dress should be the one I believe will be the PERFECT gown for you (hopefully)!


I like to keep your entourage to a maximum of 5 people. Less people allows us not to get distracted. Too many opinions may cloud your judgment. After all, YOUR opinion is the one that matters.

Bring a heel that is similar in height to what you plan to wear on your wedding day.

This is going to be FUN! Yes, I have a job to finish, but this will be enjoyable because we are finding YOUR wedding dress! It’s a magical time and I want it to FEEL that way!

Inspiration photos for your dress are a huge plus, however, they could be accompanied by inspiration movies, music, favorite books, etc.

Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more.

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