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Your personal gown consultant....

What would you have time for, if I helped you find your wedding dress in 2 hours or less?

My name is Taren, AKA “The (Wedding) Gown Whisperer”, and I’ve helped nearly 200 brides just like you find the dress of their dreams in about 2 hours or less. I’ve been in the wedding and event industry for over 30 years. I’ve seen and assisted countless brides who were disappointed after multiple trips to bridal salons looking for the perfect gown, only to be left frustrated and empty handed every time.

The majority of the time, there’s miscommunication or none at all, as most brides don’t know how to express what they’re “really” looking for and the wedding gown they’ve always envisioned. 

Unlike your I DO crew, family and friends, I’m not interested in what “I” want to see you in, I’m after the dress of YOUR dreams! In 2 hours or less*, with my proven system, you will check off finding your wedding gown from your wedding planning list!

Save time, money, AND aggravation, and let’s find your gown!

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